Live broadcast of the USA Marathon Championships. I’d personally recommend skipping to 2:06 but that’s my biased opinion.


Post race interview after the USA Marathon Championship. Please excuse the elf ears.

Catch Des Moines

My Hollywood debut, acting in the Des Moines tourism commercial.

Fox News Indianapolis

Post race interview after setting the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon course record and qualifying for the 2020 Olympic trials.

Fitness Sports

Live Q/A with my local running store to discuss the 2018 season.


Drake Relays Champ.

KCCI Channel 8

Drake Relays Champ.


The Morning Shakeout

Mario Frai0li exposes my love for cereal, what running the marathon is like, how I can improve on the marathon, my life philosophies, and ultimately what the future holds for me.

Running Rogue Podcast

Chris McClung and I chat about how my mindset has transformed over the years, what does over-training look like, and what training looks like under Tom “Tinman” Schwartz.


I sat down with Chris Chavez to recap my first National title and uncover who is “Brogan Austin”.

Run Your Mouth Podcast

Reed Fischer, David Melly, and I sit down to talk smack about Tinman elite, how well Reed and I know each other, and runderwear. 

Run to the Top Podcast – Runners Connect

Stephanie Atwood and I discuss what it takes to be a professional runner and what sacrifices are needed to get to the next level. We also touch on the rabbit running community and what it’s like to be a part of the magic.

Final Surge

Dean Olluette and I talk about where running began for me and how it helped me find my recent success at the USA Marathon championships.

Next Level Iowa

Legendary announcer, Mike Jay, and I recap the USA Marathon Championships and discuss what the future holds for me.

Charlie and Me Podcast

Grant and Charlie take the time to embarrass me in a spelling contest and relive the high school days.


Des Moines Register

A quick Q/A with Lance Burgeson to dive into my recent USATF Marathon national championship.


Would you believe I called the W before the USA Marathon Championships? Check it out.

Runners World

Olympic Trials course overview in Atlanta.

Food Sided

A quick Q&A with Cristine Strumble on my cheat meals and general nutrition while training for the Marathon.


I sat down with Jen Booten to discuss how I implement technology such as Garmin, treadmills, and stryd to enhance my running.

Gary Cohen Running

I spoke with Gary Cohen around my recent marathon success at the US championships and gave a little background on who I am.

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